Consent Mode Description


We integrate with consent providers that integrate with Google's Consent Mode. Setting up consent mode following our guides will make your Google Tag Manager (GTM) tags consent aware as well as any server-side activity you've configured within your Elevar destinations.

Getting Started with Consent Mode

There are three steps to getting starting with our consent mode.

1 . Enable Consent Mode in the Shopify Source

Not all consent providers will need pre-built tags, to know if your provider does it is best to follow the guide linked within the app you'll find when following our guide, for Consent Mode Step 1: Enabling Consent Mode

2. Assign Your Consent Requirement for Your Client-Side Tags

Review and set your Google Tag Manager (GTM) tags to be consent aware in GTM. Follow our guide, Consent Mode Step 2: Assign Your Consent Requirements for Your Client-Side Tags, to make these update. To make these updates you'll need to know which consent types you'll require before the tags will fire. If you unsure it is suggested you reach out to legal counsel. Elevar will not advise for consent requirements.

3. Customize Server-Side Destinations

Next you'll update your server-side destinations to be consent aware. You'll do this in the Elevar App, following our guide, Consent Mode Step 3: Customize Server-Side Destinations. Before making updates you'll need to review which consent types you'll want to require before server-side side events are processed.