What Custom Parameter Data Is Included In Facebook Purchase Tags?

In addition to standard product data you can also find advanced matching user data and conversion API required data

We've added additional manual advanced matching parameter data to the purchase events that can help with:

  • Advanced matching of your events to users that clicked an ad
  • Custom data to be used in audience matching
  • Implementing conversion API events to run in parallel with the pixel

Here is the purchase tag:

Client Side Parameters sent:

Parameter name
emhashed email address
external_iduser_id from Elevar's Data Layer
ga_idthis is the GA cookie value set on all users
phphone number
fncustomer first name
lncustomer last name
ctcustomer city
stcustomer state
zpcustomer postal code
countrycustomer country code
valueorder values as defined by revenue, subtotal, or product subtotal
contentsan array of product data ex: [{"id":"9005846987058","name":"The Collection Snowboard: Liquid","content_category":"snowboards","item_price":"749.95","quantity":"1"}]
content_idsproduct identifier selected, this could be product ID, SKU, or Variant ID
order_idorder ID
content_typeproduct group or product varies based on which product ID is used
currencycurrency code
customer_typenew or returning
eventIDunique ID per event, same is passed for the client-side and server-side version of the same event. This is used to deduplicate events in facebook

Additional user data is passed server-side, and enriched using session enrichment when available.

Learn more about our full Facebook setup here.