What Custom Parameter Data Is Included In Facebook Purchase Tags?

In addition to standard product data you can also find advanced matching user data and conversion API required data

We've added additional manual advanced matching parameter data to the purchase events that can help with:

  • Advanced matching of your events to users that clicked an ad
  • Custom data to be used in audience matching
  • Implementing conversion API events to run in parallel with the pixel

Here is the purchase tag:

The following parameters are unique to the pixel

  • external_id: this is the user_id from Elevar's Data Layer
  • ga_id: this is the GA cookie value set on all users
  • customer_type: this is a binary yes or no value if it's the customer's first purchase with you
  • order_id: another new parameter Facebook accepts
  • eventID: used in deduplicationwith the conversion API

Learn more about our full Facebook setup here.