Web Container Setup

Follow these steps to download and import web containers if your destination has this step

If your configured destination choices have events that are tracking client via the browser your destination will container a Web Container Setup step. You'll need to download and import these tags into Google Tag Manager (GTM) to complete your tracking.

Step 1 - Download your pre-built web tags

Click the Download Pre-Built Web Tags to download the file.

Step 2 - Import the container into your GTM container

  1. Go to your Google Tag Web Manager container > click Admin > then click Import Container

Screenshot of GTM Import Container in Admin settings

  1. Click 'Choose Container file' and select the .json file you downloaded from the Elevar app

Screenshot in GTM where to chose container file upload

  1. Choose an existing workspace or create a new workspace.

screenshot of GTM container import selecting workspace

  1. IMPORTANT Choose 'Merge' then 'Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers and variables'

screenshot of chaning to merge within GTM container import

screenshot of GTM container import highlighting expected changes

πŸŽ‰ You will now see the tags, triggers, and variables imported in your Workspace Changes! πŸŽ‰

  1. Select Confirm to import the tags.


Concerned about paused tags? No need to worry, these tags are paused based on your configuration. This could be because you didn't select this event or because the event is being sent server-side and the destination does not have deduplication.

Step 3 - Publish the changes in your GTM container

In your workspace, select Submit

screenshot of how to submit changes in GTM

Select Publish