Can I Show the Cart Contents in Attentive Abandonment Emails?


You've just set up the Attentive/Elevar integration in Test Mode and are drafting a duplicate Attentive Journey to run a cart abandonment split test with (great job!). As you've drafting the emails & SMS messages to mirror your main cart abandonment Journey, you'll find that you are not able to display all products in the shopper's cart in the abandonment email that's triggered off of the Custom Elevar Add to Cart Event.

This is a limitation of what Attentive allows with their API.

Why is this a Limitation?

The native Attentive/Shopify integration fires a cart_update event after the shopper adds an item to their cart. This cart_update event is what allows you to display all the products in the shopper's cart in your Email.

When your Attentive Destination is in Test Mode, we're sending the events as Custom Events to Attentive. So Attentive's client-side cart_update event does not impact these events.

Attentive does not provide access to their cart_update API for Elevar to mirror this functionality.

So running your split test, we'd recommend just displaying the product added to cart in your emails for the Elevar Journeys.

Does this work outside of Test Mode?

Yes and no.

When your Attentive Destination is in Live Mode, we're sending the events as Standard eCommerce Events to Attentive. So any event that the Attentive client-side tracking captures and the Elevar server-side tracking captures, would have a cart_update event that cooresponds to it.

But for the extra events that the Elevar server-side tracking captures that the client-side tracking does not capture, there may not be a cart_update event associated to it.