Sources Overview

Learn how server-side sources help collect the data you need to ensure accurate conversion tracking for your destinations.

What is a source?

A source is one single stream of data that feeds into your Elevar Server-Side data engine. For example shopper's browsing behavior on your website and Shopify transactions are considered data sources.

Sources provide the data that your server-side destinations (i.e. channels like Facebook Conversion API, Google Analytics, etc) require.

You can find these integrations in your Elevar Dashboard > My Tracking.

Once the Elevar Data Layer is installed on your Shopify store then these integrations take just a few seconds (or clicks) to install!

Currently, Elevar supports the following sources of data:

  1. Data Layer Listener. If you have the Elevar Data Layer live on your website then you may know that the data layer translates behavior (i.e. product views, add to cart actions) into a data structure that tags in Google Tag Manager (GTM) can utilize. Elevar's Data Layer Listener also leverages this to route data in a 1st party context from your primary Shopify domain (i.e.*) to Elevar (via Shopify). This is a powerful way to capture data that isn't available via webhooks.
  2. Shopify Notifications. When configuring this data source, we will install a webhook on your store that listens for specific events like order creation, checkout creation, etc. For example, when an order is placed, Shopify will essentially say, "Hey Elevar, I have a new order for this store." and we fetch the order parameters needed for your integrations. This moves all order processing out of the browser (to maximize accuracy) and allows access to all of your orders that can be integrated with your marketing channels - not just "Online Store" orders.
  3. Session Enrichment. Elevar's session enrichment feature identifies returning users when able, and automatically appends data to all your server-side destinations, such as Facebook CAPI, Klaviyo, and Google Ads. This ensures that your data is accurate and optimized for all of your marketing channels, leading to better overall results. This feature is enabled by default, but can be turned off within the app.