How to Block Orders from Being Sent via My Server-Side Integration

Learn how to block specific orders from being sent to your marketing destination.

This article covers:

Blocking Transactions: Elevar Server-Side Destination

  • Navigate to My Tracking > Select your Marketing Destination > Select Block Transactions
  • Select, No, block some transactions

This step allows you to control exactly what purchase events are sent to your Marketing Destination's API. You can block orders based on Source Channel Names, Order Tags or Order Gateways.

The most common orders that retailers may choose to either block or send are offline orders:

Offline Orders

Do you want to send offline orders like Draft Orders, Point of Sale Orders, etc to your Marketing Destination or do you only want to send orders placed on your online Shopify checkout? This is a business decisions for your team to make.

How to Block: If you don't want to send offline orders to your Marketing Destination, how to block will depend on what sales channels you have in place:

  • Popular Channels: There is a list of common Sales Channels in the dropdown section of your Install Wizard. Select the channel to block the transactions from being sent. For example, if you want to block Draft orders, select Draft Orders as shown below.

  • What if my Sales Channel is not on the Pre-Defined list?: If you need to block a sales channel that is not on the pre-defined list, you can type the custom source_name. How to find the source_name

How to See what Sales Channels I Have?

If you've purchased Shopify's Sales by Channel report, this is an easy way to see what Sales Channels you currently have in place. In Shopify, navigate to Analytics > Reports > Sales by Channel. Here you'll see an overview of what Sales Channels are currently in place.

How to Find what souce_name to add a custom channel

Watch the below video to be guided on how to find your order's source_name:


Do not simply find a channel name in Shopify and input into the other setting. This will not work. Please watch the video to learn how to find this source_name.