How To Implement Lucky Orange Pixel/Web Tracking via Google Tag Manager

Add in your Lucky Orange Site ID [How to find this?] > Select Download Container### Lucky Orange is an application that provides website usage statistics, session recordings, and heatmaps. Elevar makes it easy to install and leverage the Lucky Orange feature set.

Lucky Orange helps e-commerce companies observe, interact, and communicate with their shoppers. With Elevar's prebuilt Google Tag Manager tags, installation is quick and easy.


In order to setup your Lucky Orange pixel, you'll need to install our Shopify Source. Follow our guide on How to Implement the Shopify Source.

Step 1: Download the Pre-Built Lucky Orange Tags

In your Elevar App, navigate to Pre-Built Tags

Search for Lucky Orange > Click into the Lucky Orange Container

Add in your Lucky Orange Site ID [How to find this?] > Select Download Container

Step 2: Import and publish the Pre-Built Lucky Orange tags into your Google Tag Manager Web Container

You aren't done quite yet! Lastly you'll need to import the file you just downloaded in step 1, into your Google Tag Manager container, and publish it. To do that, you can follow our guide here. Make sure you skip steps 1 and 2 as you've already downloaded your tags in step 1 of this article. Go straight to step 3 and begin importing, then publish.

That's it! Lucky Orange should now be ready to go on your site. How can you confirm things are working? See Lucky Oranges' guide here. This article will have you check in the Lucky Orange admin to see if data has been received. Make sure you've published your tag prior to checking, and visited your site so the tag has had a chance to fire.