History Overview


You can see changes to your sources & destinations in your History setting. The table includes changes made to your sources/destinations, when they were made and who made them.

Understanding your source/destination history can help you manage and troubleshoot your server-side tracking. For example, you no longer see recurring recharge orders being sent to Facebook. You can see who changed this setting & when.

Available Data

Your history table has five columns:

  • Email - The email address of the user who made the changed.
  • Date - The date & time that the change was made. Uses the timezone of your Shopify shop. If no timezone was available, defaults to UTC.
  • Location - What source or destination did the change occur in.
  • Description - What was changed/updated.
  • Comment - Allows you to manually type in a comment about why the change was made.


The top row of the table will show you the most recent change. The lower rows show you older changes.

Search & Filtering

You can filter for all changes made by a specific email address.

Or for all changes made in a specific source or destination.

You can apply two filters at once: seeing all changes made in the Data Layer Source by a specific email address.


Click & drag the corner of the comment box to expand it.

After typing a comment, click the checkmark to save it or the x to delete it.


If you have Owner or Admin access, you will see your History setting.

Members do not have access.

Data Latency

Changes should appear quickly in your history.

If many changes are made in a row, it may take a few minutes for all to show.