How to Add Product-Level Sales Data to Google Ads Conversion Tag

Follow these steps to add the product level sales data to your Google Ads conversion tags:

Step 1: Enable Option in GTM > Google Ads Conversion Tag

Step 2: Add Merchant Center Data

You will need to add the first 3 inputs:

  • Merchant ID

  • Feed Country

Example: "US". You need to use your unique country code.

  • Feed Language

Example "EN". You need to use ISO 639-1 language codes.

Step 3: Add Elevar Variables

Add this variable to the Discount field:

{{dlv - Thank You Page - Discount Amount}}

And this variable to the Items field:

{{js - Google Ads - Purchase Product Data}}

Please note this product purchase data is set to use SKU by default. If you need to use product ID or something different then you can modify using instructions in the variable. Or read here on how to change.