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General Questions:

Q: Do you recommend using Google Tag Manager to improve site speed performance?

A: Yes, Google Tag Manager is good for site performance when you are moving third party tags from your codebase to GTM to load async and rely on the dataLayer vs having multiple tags doing the same liquid logic to complete their data needs.

Q: For Non-plus stores, will conversions setup through your app still register?

A: Yes - transactions will still work as normal if you are not on a Shopify Plus store.

Q: We have a partial installation of Analytics/Adwords on our site, as well as the configuration in the Elevar App. Do we need to remove our native setup before using Elevar, or will it understand what is already in place?

A: Yes, you will need to remove any previously implemented scripts to prevent duplicates from firing.

Q: How do I apply the Elevar Data Layer to other themes for when I wish to switch themes?

A: The process for installing a new theme is quick and easy: In our app - Navigate to My Tracking > Data Layer. Begin the "Reinstall" process indicated within the app. This will inject the Elevar snippets into the theme automatically. Nothing else is needed from you to manually update.

The same applies for our Data Layer Listener.

Q: Can I use GTM with your App on the checkout page (purchase event) if I don't have Shopify plus?

A: Yes - you can use our app and data layer on the thank you page (purchase event) for Non-Plus stores. This guide walks through the full setup: How to Implement GTM App with Your Non-Plus Shopify Store (Complete Guide)

Q: When I push the GTM container live in Shopify Plus, does that cancel out the hard coded versions of Google Analytics and Facebook?

A: Once the GTM and FB tags are live in GTM you will want to remove the native GA and FB tags from the Shopify admin. You will also want to be sure you have a referral exclusion setup with your domain in GA to prevent cross-domain tracking referral issues.

Q: How do I add custom tags such as Microsoft Advertising/Bing

A: Bing GTM container you can use to import is here

GTM Questions:

Q: I would like to disable Facebook from GTM, and keep it the Facebook/Shopify integration.

A: All you have to do is "pause" the FB tags in GTM (or delete) and re-enable within Shopify admin.

Q: We have implemented all the tags but we did not get sales performance in GA eCommerce conversion

A: Please check that you implemented the thank you page script in the checkout settings within Shopify admin.

Google Ads Errors:

Q: I'm getting the following error message when I go into AdWords:

error: Your Google Ads tag hasn't been active in the last 24 hours. Your tag hasn't been adding website visitors to your audience lists.

A: Check two things:

  1. You imported the GTM container & updated variables, etc per our implementation guides:
    How To Implement Data Layer with Your Shopify Plus Store
    How To Implement Data Layer with Your Non-Plus Shopify Store
  2. You published your GTM container

Let us know if this does not resolve the issue! Contact Support


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