How To Remove Elevar from Website & Cancel My Account

We hate to see you go but understand circumstances change.


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Step 1: Disable your Elevar Tracking

1-A: Disable the App Theme Embed in Shopify

Navigate to your theme within Shopify and select Customize.

Select the App embeds icon, filter for elevar. Toggle the embed off, and select Save.

Repeat these steps for any themes you are currently using.

1-B: Go Offline with your Destinations

In the Elevar App, navigate to my tracking. Select a destination.

Inside the Destination configuration select Go Offline.

Repeat for any remaining destinations

1-C: Remove Checkout Scripts

Navigate to “Settings” > “Checkout” > scroll down under the “Order Status Page” > “Additional Script Box” > remove the Elevar Thank you page script and dataLayer listener

Note: Make sure you will not remove other marketing channel scripts that you have in place.


At this point, please note that any tracking you have live via GTM or our server-side destinations will no longer work. So be sure to add those tracking via other methods to reduce downtime.

Step 2: Re-implementing your Marketing Channels via another process

Navigate to your GTM Web Container, and list all the tracking you have in place using Elevar Integration.


  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Ads
  • TikTok
  • Etc.,

Here are the other reimplementation methods you can utilize:

  • Using the native Shopify Integration (e.g., FB and GA)
  • Using a third-party app in Shopify (e.g., Shopify Sales Channels)
  • Embed (hardcode) the tracking script manually into your live theme and checkout settings > order status page > additional script box
  • Reusing Google Tag Manager without Elevar’s dataLayer (please check the respective marketing channel for their own setup documentation in GTM)

Step 3: Cancel Plan

To close your entire Elevar account and delete all of your settings and data, follow these steps. This is to make sure as well that you will not be billed on the next billing cycle.

From your Elevar dashboard you would navigate to Settings > Plan and then select 'Cancel Website Plan' from the menu option next to your subscription information shown below:

That's it!


You can delete your company and website records from the Elevar app, the tags, triggers, and variables in GTM, and App [Elevar Tag Management Suite] from your store.

1. Delete company and website records

2. Delete Tags, Triggers, and Variables

Note: Select only the tags, triggers, and variables from Elevar.

3. Delete the Elevar app from the store


Warning: This cannot be undone!

If you have any questions please do let us know.

Thank you for your support.