How to build an event scoped source/medium report in GA4

1. Click on Reports

2. Click on folder…

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on add…

Step 3 screenshot

4. Click on table_chart…

Step 4 screenshot

5. Click on Traffic acquisition…

Step 5 screenshot

6. Click on Metrics

Step 6 screenshot

7. Remove metrics other than Conversions & Total revenue

Step 7 screenshot

8. When you have Conversions and Total revenue remaining, click on Apply

Step 8 screenshot

9. Click on Dimensions…

Step 9 screenshot

10. Click on the three dots

Remove all dimensions on the report, we will add other dimensions later. The default dimensions are sessions scoped and we want event scoped dimensions for this report.

Step 10 screenshot

11. Click on Remove

Repeat these steps for the remaining dimensions

Step 11 screenshot

12. Add new event scoped dimensions. Click the arrow next to Add dimension

Step 12 screenshot

13. Type "source / medium"

Step 13 screenshot

14. Click on Source / medium

Step 14 screenshot

15. Type "campaign"

Step 15 screenshot

16. Click on Campaign

Step 16 screenshot

17. Click on Apply

Step 17 screenshot

18. Click on save

Step 18 screenshot

19. Type "Source / Medium (Event Scoped)"

Step 19 screenshot

20. Click on Save

Step 20 screenshot

21. Click on the Back Arrow to return to the library

Step 21 screenshot

22. Find the Life Cycle in your Collections

We are going to add the newly created report into your collection so you can easily navigate to it within GA4

Step 22 screenshot

23. Click on Edit collection

Step 23 screenshot

24. Search for your new report

Type in Source / Medium

Step 24 screenshot

25. Drag your Source / Medium (Event Scoped) report to be below the Traffic acquisition report.

If you prefer to have this report located elsewhere within your view you may do so. This placement has no impact on report performance, only affects where it displays.

Step 25 screenshot

26. Click on Save...

Step 26 screenshot

27. Click on Save changes to current collection

Step 27 screenshot

28. Click on the Back arrow to return to your GA4 Reports

Step 28 screenshot

29. Expand Acquisition

Step 29 screenshot

30. Find your Source / Medium (Event Scoped) Report!

Step 30 screenshot

31. You can now view your conversions by event scoped source / medium values

Step 31 screenshot

32. To view by a single key event filter to that event using the dropdown menu.

If you are not seeing the events you would like in this list it is because they are not marked as key events in your GA4 admin.

Step 32 screenshot