How to Accept Elevar's Shopify Access Request

If you would like to accept Elevar's Shopify Access request, please follow these steps:


Note: Only the store owner can view collaborator access requests or grant collaborator access to a store. After Elevar submits a Shopify Partner Access Request for your store, the store owner will receive an email about the request and a notification on your Shopify Home.

Step 1: Log Into Shopify

Log into Shopify

Step 2: Navigate to your Shopify User & Permission Settings

Navigate to Settings

Select Users and permissions

Step 3: Navigate to Elevar's Access Request

Under Collaborator Accounts, you should see a new request pending from either Elevar or Brad (our CEO!). Select Review request.

Step 4: Approve Elevar's Access Request

Select Accept request.


Note: We do ask for access to your Settings. This is because your Checkout Settings is a place that tracking script could live. We won't launch new tracking with the potential that there is duplicate tracking in your Checkout Settings, so we will need access to your Settings in order to move forward.