How to Locate Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID

Google Analytics 4 ID

This is a step by step guide for locating your Google Analytics property ID or also known as Measurement ID. Having access and being able to locate your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID is often a principal step in importing tags into Google Tag Manager, along with many other implementation features.

Steps Overview:

  1. Click on Admin Settings
  2. Locating Data Streams in Admin Settings
  3. Click on Website Data Stream
  4. Locate Measurement ID

1. Click on Admin Settings:

  • Begin on your Google Analytics 4 homepage.
  • Locate and click on the "Admin" or gear icon in the lower left-hand corner of the homepage.
    • (See Figure 1)
Step 1 screenshot

Figure 1

2. Locating Data Streams in Admin Settings:

  • Once in your admin settings, locate the left-hand menu.
  • From this menu, find the section titled, "Property Settings" and click on "Data Collection and Modification".
  • Once you have clicked on "Data Collection and Modification" a further drop-down menu will appear. From here, click on the tab labled, "Data Streams".
    • (See figure 2)
Step 3 screenshot

Figure 2

3. Click on Website Data Stream:

  • From the Data Streams page, you will see the current data stream for your website.
  • Click on the arrow located on the right-hand side of the tab box for your current website data steam.
    • (See Figure 3)

Step 4 screenshot

Figure 3

4. Locate Measurement ID:

  • Once you have clicked into the specific details of your web stream details, a pop-up page will appear.
    • Within this pop-up page, find the box titled, "Stream details".
    • From the "Stream details" box, find the subheading titled, "Measurement ID"
    • The number provided under the title, "Measurement ID" is your Google Analytics 4 Property ID.
      • (See Figure 4)

Step 6 screenshot

Figure 4