How to Generate a new Elevar Access Token

When sending data to Elevar's servers via non-shopify pages, you'll need to have a unique Access Token


This guide is for the Shopify Source & Non-Shopify Subdomain. If you have not upgraded to the Shopify source, please follow our guide.


An Access Token is a security step that many softwares take to prevent spam or non-authorized requests from being processed.

When using Elevar's server-side tracking on Shopify pages, we have security policies in place to prevent this. But when sending data to Elevar's servers via a non-Shopify page (e.g. a headless website), we use an Access Token to prevent this.

What is my Access Token?

When you set up Elevar's Non-Shopify Sub Domain Attribution Tracking Source, you'll be given a unique script.

In this unique script, is your access token.

Simply adding this script into the header of all your non-shopify subdomain pages allows all the standard Elevar data layer events you built to have the noted access token.

How to Generate a New Access Token

Should you need to generate a new access token for any reason, follow these steps:

Navigate to your Non-Shopify Subdomains source

Click Generate New Access Token

Read the warning and if you have been advised to click Generate New Token


Warning: When you generate a new Access Token, the old Access Token will stop working after 15 minutes. Please update your access token immediately.

Your access Token will now be updated in the config file previously installed with your source.