Why Doesn't Channel Accuracy Equal 100%

Here's the way our Channel Accuracy works:

  1. We log Shopify orders (i.e. source of truth)
  2. When sending conversions to your server side destinations (e.g. Facebook CAPI, Google Analytics), we log the success or failure responses.
  3. We also log the number of orders you have specifically chosen not to send to your destination (i.e. I want to ignore recurring orders or point of sale orders).
  4. We calculate the % difference (e.g. 95 transactions sent to FB + 5 ignored transactions / 100 total Shopify orders = 100%).

Channel Accuracy Reports

Ideally you see a report like this:

However, you might see a report that has all 0s, or a percent match lower than 100%:

If you are on a GTM Server-Side setup and not Elevar's Fully Managed Server setup, please contact us at [email protected] to help make the switch, as this will solve the vast majority of channel accuracy issues.

Scenario: Facebook % Match is Less Than 95%

This could happen under the following conditions:

  1. You are on Elevar's integration using Shopify Notification webhooks for purchase events prior to 10/26/2022. We released an update to mirror a change related to processing fbclid's in the conversion request.
  2. Your conversion API for purchase events is not using our Shopify Notification webhook integration and are instead relying on the client side CAPI setup only.
  3. Your conversion API for purchase events is firing on the final thank you page in an upsell funnel only and is not being accounted for in your upsell thank you page.
  4. You have multiple checkouts (ex. Shopify and ReCharge) and either don't have Elevar's webhook integration for purchase events OR if using client-side tracking still then you have not configured on both checkouts.

Scenario: All 0's for Shopify Orders

This could happen under the following conditions:

  1. You are using a GTM Server Side Container for your Facebook Conversion API, but you don't have Elevar's Shopify Logging in place.
  2. You have not configured your Shopify logging for your GTM server side container (coming soon for all Elevar plans).

Change Notification Settings

You can opt-out of real-time alerts under your personal notification settings. We limit the total # of emails sent to once per 24 hours.