How to add <noscript> tag

Once you have updated to our Shopify source, Google Tag Manage(GTM) is loaded onto you site via the App Theme Embed portion of you thing. This places your GTM code in the head. If you have a need for the portion of the GTM tag follow this guide to manually add to your theme file.

What is the purpose of the GTM Tag?

The tag for GTM only runs when JavaScript is disabled on your site. It unlikely you'll need this tag as many things on your site are unlikely to work when JavaScript is disabled. Furthermore the only GTM tags that will properly function without JS custom image tags. In most situations you won't need this tag.

Other uses would be for website ownership verification in Google Search Console. You are able to verify other ways if needed or you can manually ad the tag.

Why would I want to add the GTM Tag?

How do I add the GTM Tag?

Step 1: Find your tag in GTM

Login to your Google Tag Manager Account.

Select your container if you have access to multiple

Click you Container ID

Copy the second block of code for pasting in the tag

Add to your Shopify theme

Open you theme.liquid file for your theme

Find the tag

Paste this script directly below the opening tag as shown below


If your tag is placed elsewhere in the body you may not be able to verify your website ownership in Google Search Console