How to Calculate Additional Revenue from Sendlane Server-Side Tracking

First, learn about your potential

Using server-side tracking in conjunction with your existing client-side Sendlane tracking will allow you to collect additional information with our identity solution and session enrichment.

You can expect to improve your abandonment flows & identify abandoners that your client-side tracking misses due to cookie limitations!

This blog article is focused on Klaviyo, but the concepts and wins can be applied to your sendlane automations to observe improved performance and unlock this secret weapon!

Next, set up your Sendlane server-side destination and automation

How to Set Up Elevar's Sendlane Server-Side Integration

How to Setup Sendlane Split Test Automations

We recommend letting your split test run for 30 days (but at least 2 weeks) and then analyzing the results.

Calculate Additional Revenue from Sendlane Server-Side Tracking

Calculate Revenue from Main Automation

In order to calculate the revenue generated from your main Automation during the time period, grab the screenshot you took of your main automation's conversions (aka revenue) right before you launched your split test as described here.

Next, pull the revenue number currently attributed to your main Automation in Sendlane by navigating to Automations > Your Automation > Pull the revenue number under Conversions.

Then subtract the revenue number that your main Automation started with from the current revenue number you see attributed to this Automation now. This will give you the revenue generated by the main automation during the timeframe of your split test.

Pull Net New Revenue from Elevar Automation

Still in Sendlane's Automation section, find your split test Automation and pull the revenue number under Conversions.

This is how much net new revenue your split test generated in the time frame!!

Calculate the percent increase

(Revenue from split test automation during x time period / revenue from main automation during x time period) x 100 = percent increase in revenue due to Elevar's server-side tracking.