Verify Tag Monitoring Setup

View the steps required for enabling tag and data layer error monitoring on your account.

Need to confirm your account is set up for monitoring? Here is what to check for:

Step 1: Elevar Base Monitoring Tags

Inside your web container go to Tags > filter by "monitoring". You should see these two tags:

If you do then you're all set!

If you don't then you'll need to install this base container found in one of your pre-built tags:

Step 2: Data Layer Variables Updates

In this step you need to navigate to your web GTM container > variables > user defined variables > and filter by "monitoring".

You should see this:

If you do then then click into one of them to confirm it looks similar to this:


Important: If you are recreating this yourself instead of using our pre-built containers then be sure you follow our guide on this configuration closely.

The big thing in this step is to ensure the Data Layer Key is the actual data layer variable key, not the data layer name.

If you've used our pre-built tags then you don't have to worry about this - it's been configured for you.

Step 3: Marketing Tags Updated

The last step in GTM is to ensure your marketing tags have the settings enabled to capture errors in your dashboard.

If you've used our pre-built tag recipes then this is done for you.

They should look similar to this:

If you don't configure this properly then we won't be able to match data layer errors to the tags.

But you will still see data layer errors in your account if they exist.

Step 4: Connect GTM To Your Account

This last step requires you to connect Google Tag Manager inside your Elevar connection settings.

You can do so here:

Once these steps are completed then you are all connected to our tag monitoring solutions!

Have questions? Let us know.