How to Test TikTok Events API Integration for Shopify Stores

Before going live, see how to test your server events in TikTok Events Manager in Test Mode

Step 1: Get Server Test Code

Head over to TikTok Ads Manager.

Step 1 screenshot

Under Web Events, select Manage

Step 2 screenshot

Select the Pixel you're setting up Events API for

Step 3 screenshot

Select Test Events >

Step 4 screenshot

Copy the test code located under Test Server Events.

Step 5 screenshot

Step 2: Enter your Test Code into your Elevar App

Head back to your Elevar App > navigate to Server-Side > Select TikTok

On the Overview step, select Enter Test Mode > enter the Test Code you copied during Step 1 > select _Enter Test _Mode

Step 3: Navigate Your Website like a Shopper

Then proceed to navigate your website and place a test order. You should see your server events displayed in TikTok similar to this:

Step 1 screenshot

You can expand each event to view additional details. You will also see data from other visitors on your websites while in test mode.

It can take a few minutes before your test events appear here. Please allow 5 minutes before you expect to see a purchase event, other events may show sooner.

If you see the successful purchase event and the data is accurate then you are good to go!