How Channel Accuracy Report & Email Alerts Work

Learn what triggers monitoring emails and what you can do to resolve.


This feature was released early November, 2021. For customers prior to November that are not on Elevar Fully Managed Server-Side tracking, it's possible that you need to upgrade your server-side integrations to ensure channel accuracy. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Elevar's Channel Accuracy Report gives you that transparency back. So you know your data is being sent.

Here's how the report & alerts work:


  • "Destination" means Facebook Conversion API, Google Analytics, or other destinations that are receiving server-side purchase events
  • "Channel" refers to your channels inside of Shopify. For example Online Store, POS, ReCharge, Draft Orders are examples of channel names.

How Channel Accuracy Works

  • We log Shopify orders (i.e. source of truth)
  • When sending conversions to your server-side destinations (e.g. Facebook CAPI, Google Analytics), we log the success or failure responses.
  • We also log the number of orders you have specifically chosen not to send to your destination (i.e. I want to ignore recurring orders or point of sale orders).
  • We calculate the % difference (e.g. 95 transactions sent to FB + 5 ignored transactions / 100 total Shopify orders = 100%).

Email Alert Examples

Shopify Channel

It should be rare that you trigger a Shopify alert. This typically means one of two things:

  1. Your checkout is broken and not processing any orders (not likely).
  2. You have wild swings of purchases day to day during the same hour period. For example on Monday you have 15 purchases between 7-9am but Tuesday you have 0.

Facebook (or Google Analytics, etc)

A real-time alert for Facebook will trigger IF:
a. From 8am - 10am, your total Shopify purchases = 100
b. From 8am - 10am, your total purchase events received by Facebook + ignored purchase events = 84
c. 84/100 = 84%

Here's what that email looks like:

But you might click into your dashboard and see everything is > 90-95%:

The reason this alert email is sent is actually due to the hour by hour breakdown that can look similar to this:

As previously noted, the most common reason for this is likely from the following:

  1. You have more than just the "Online Store" channel in Shopify that processes transactions. When this happens, Facebook is not receiving these orders but we are still including in % match calculation (if you or Elevar team have not adjusted your setup to utilize server-side webhooks via Shopify Notifications in your Elevar settings).

If you are utilizing our Shopify Notifications (aka webhooks) in your Server-Side destinations, then you have the ability to send transactions from all channels:

Unless you block these channels in your server-side integration settings, then these will be sent by default to your destinations like Facebook CAPI, GA, etc learn more about blocking channels here.