How to Set Up Parternize Server-Side Tracking


Before you can enable your Partnerize Server-Side Destination, you will need to installn our Shopify Source in your Elevar App. Follow our guide on How to Implement the Shopify Source.

Add Partnerize as a server-side destination

  1. In your Elevar App, navigate to My Tracking > Select Add Destination

Step 1 screenshot

Choose the Partnerize Destination

Enter Partnerize in the search box and select the Partnerize destination

Step 3 screenshot

Click on Get Started

Step 4 screenshot

Update your Settings

Enter your Partnerize Campaign ID [ How do I find this? ]

Step 5 screenshot

If Applicable, Enable Consent Mode

If consent is required, follow these steps to enable consent mode & select your consent categories.

If consent is not required, select Save & Continue.

Step 6 screenshot

Select your Product Identifier

Product ID is the most common primary product identifier in Pinterest catalog integrations. You'll want to match the product identifier used in your Partnerize product catalog.

Step 7 screenshot

Block Transactions

This step allows you to control exactly what purchase events are sent to Pinterest server-side. You can block orders based on Source Channel Names, Order Tags or Order Gateways.

Step 8 screenshot

The most common scenario where retailers may want to block or send orders is with offline orders. Learn how to block these orders in this guide.

Not sure if you need to block orders? Look at what Sales Channels you have in Shopify!

Configure Subscriptions

Do you sell subscription products? If you do, you can choose to send first-time orders only or first-time + recurring orders to your marketing destination.

Step 9 screenshot

Go Live!

Select Go Live to launch your new Partnerize server-side integration!

Step 10 screenshot

What's Next

Remove your previous tracking to prevent duplicate tracking! Follow our guide to disable Partnerize Shopify Integration.

If you have installed your Partnerize tracking another way, you'll need to remove that tracking.