How to QA Shopify Store with GTM Container In Preview Mode

See how to verify your new tags and variables work as expected using Google Tag Manager(GTM) preview

If you have not followed our setup guide for Installing the Shopify source please do so before continuing.

Once you've successfully imported our web containers or pre-built container(s) to your GTM account, you will want to do the following:

  1. Enable Preview Mode in Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  2. Determine what tags you want to fire via GTM: Google Ads remarketing (?), Facebook (?), Google Analytics (?), and other marketing tags (?). Based on the answers to these then move on to the next step where you'll walk through each page.
  3. Page by Page QA: Collection Pages
  4. Page by Page QA: Product Pages
  5. Page by Page QA: Add to Cart
  6. Page by Page QA: View Cart
  7. Page by Page QA: Thank You Page

Enable Preview Mode in GTM

Inside GTM, after you've imported the pre-built container, click on Preview located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Enter Store URL > Click Connect

A new tab will open > Click Continue

Page by Page QA

Now that your GTM account is in preview mode, you can go to your website and verify each page fires successfully by viewing the browser console at the bottom of the screen:

Pages you need to review:

  1. Collection page
  2. Product page
  3. Add to Cart
  4. View Cart
  5. Thank You Page

Confirm that the tags that are firing on the correct event (i.e., dl_view_item_list)

If you are not seeing the tag firing, then make sure that it is using the correct trigger.


Note: Below is how you can confirm that the dataLayer is working - check the "Data Layer" tab

Collection Page

Navigate to your Collection Page and check the GTM preview mode window, you should see product impression data in the dataLayer that looks something like this:

Notice the dl_view_item_list event on the left side of the preview mode and the dataLayer content on the right screen.

Product Page

Navigate to your Product Page. This page should have its own dl_view_item event that looks like this:

If any key dataLayer variables are empty like name, productId, or price then there is likely a conflict with your existing theme or there is no value on that Shopify object.

Add to Cart

After you click the "add to cart" button on your product pages you should see another custom event called dl_add_to_cart that looks like the below:

View Cart

If you don't have a standalone cart and rely on just a mini-cart (ajax cart drawer) only then this might not be a critical page. Here is a cart page completed with all dataLayer data required:

Note: If you are on Non-Plus Store, then by default the FB - Initiate Checkout event is firing on this page

Thank You Page

The last page to test is the thank you page. In order to properly test this, you will need to place a test order (not view an existing order) and validate that all order data exists (revenue, order ID, etc).

Be sure to double-check that you completed the "Update the Checkout Thank You Page Snippet" step by copying the dataLayer into your checkout scripts:

That's it!