Status Page: Elevar Incident Tracking

This page provides updates on any recent incidents that may impact tracking.

BFCM Period, 2023

No current issues.

February 8th, 2023


~ 4:30pm EST - 6:10 EST there was an interruption impacting Google App Engine that prevented some server-side events from being delivered. Purchase events were re-sent for customers using Elevar's Server. Events impacted are expected to be delayed by ~ 1-2 hours.

View Google Cloud status here.

All known customers impacted were emailed after the incident resolution notifying of the expected delay in conversion event delivery.

June 2nd, 2022


~ 3:10PM EST - 3:55 EST there was a system issue impacting event delivery to server-side destinations (only). No impact to data layer or client side tracking. If this impacted you then you'll see this dip in conversions in your channel accuracy report.

All issues are resolved.

All known customers impacted were emailed during and after the incident resolution.