Can I Restore My Destination Settings?

Destination Deleted

If you've deleted a destination, you cannot restore that destination. You'll need to add a new destination & follow the setup steps.

Account Deleted

If you've deleted your Elevar Account, then you cannot restore any previously added destination settings. You'll need to create a new Elevar account & start the onboarding process from the beginning.

Account Canceled

If you've canceled your Elevar plan but have not deleted your account yet, then you might be able to restore your previously added destinations.

If we've received Shopify’s GDPR webhook (which comes 48 hours after a store owner uninstalls the app), then you won't be able to restore any previously added destination settings.

If we haven't received Shopify's GDPR webhook, then when you re-subscribe, after getting to the "Add Destinations" step in the onboarding flow, you'll see all your previously added destinations in a "disabled" state. When you click through each destination, your previous settings/pixel IDs will pre-populate (except for the Block Transaction + Subscription Step).