Learn How The "Whats Tagged" Feature Works in Chrome Extension

See how to quickly view the events already tracked on your website.

There are typically two ways to create events in Google Tag Manager:

  1. Use our Chrome Extension to point and click your way to create the tags and triggers
  2. Manually add tags and triggers in GTM by creating custom triggers (using click classes etc).

It's very common for many sites to use both methods.

Inside our Chrome Extension you can use our "Whats Tagged" feature (clever name :) ) to see what is already tagged on your website.

If you are on any of our paid plans and have connected your Google Tag Manager account then we import and merge triggers created directly in GTM with those created in our Chrome Extension.


If you are on a free plan, we can only show the events you create inside our Chrome Extension.

The end result is that Elevar maps your click, visibility, form, and pageview triggers to the elements on your website.

So instead of looking at your product page wondering what is tagged like this:

You can enable the Whats Tagged feature:

Which then displays all events that you have tagged in your GTM and/or Elevar account along with the tag data:

Hover your mouse over the elements that are tagged to get more details on each.

In the example above we are showing the Google Analytics custom event:

  • Event Category
  • Event Action

Which is what you can use to find the event inside of GA to analyze further.

If there are were tags associated to this thumbnail image then you would see them here as well.