How to View Consent Values Passed for Server-Side Events

Looking to see consent values are being used for the server-side events, learn how to view in the browser

If you need to verify what consent values are being passed for use with your server-side events, follow along to learn how to view this information.

1. Right-click anywhere on site

2. Click "Inspect" to open up the browser dev tools

3. Reload you page to populate the data in dev tools

4. Click the Network tab in the dev tools panel

5. Filter the results by "elevar?"

6. Depending on what page of you site you are on will depend how many results you see immediately after filtering. If you do not see any refresh your page. Click into any one of the results.

7. Click "Payload" Tab

8. You will see the event name here

9. Expand the marketing data

10. Expand consent

11. Here you will see your consent values will be used for the server-side events associated with this browser activity. For example for the dl_user_data which will fire any server-side pageview type events you have in this example all the consent values are true, which indicates that consent has been accepted. The consent types you've determined are required to pass this data to your destination are set within the destination settings in the Elevar App.

Tip: Tip! Not sure what your required consent values are or need to make adjustments. Follow our guide to customize you server-side destinations

12. As another example let's add a product to the cart and see the consent for that event. Add your product to the cart

13. Click the bottom event now visible in the network tab of the dev tools

14. Confirm the event is the event you are validating, in this case dl_add_to_cart is what we are expecting

15. Expand marketing data

16. Expand consent data

17. View the consent status here. Again for this example the consent values are set to true.