How to Customize the Purchase Value Sent via Server-Side

Learn how to change the purchase value sent via a server-side integration to revenue, subtotal, or product subtotal

Customize Purchase Value

Access Destination:

  • Begin on the Elevar homepage and use the left-hand menu to click on the "My Tracking" tab.
  • Click on the Destination that you wish to customize.
    • (See Figure 1)

Step 1 screenshot

Figure 1

Customize Conversion Value:

  • Within the desired Destination, navigate to the "Setup Steps" box and click on the Destination's "Settings" tab.
  • Once in the settings, locate the section titled "Advanced Options" and click on the drop-down button.
    • Locate the box titled "Conversion Value" and click on the drop-down menu. Select the Conversion Value you want for the Destination.
  • After making the desired changes, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
    • (See Figure 2)

Step 2 screenshot

Figure 2


Warning: Since some marketing destinations want you to send data via both the browser & the server (i.e. Facebook & TikTok), be sure to update any associated browser tags to match the server changes.