How to Set Up Bing Pixel/Web Tracking via Google Tag Manager

If you would like to implement Bing Pixel/Web tracking via GTM, follow these easy steps to publish.


Step 1: Download the Pre-Built Bing Tags

In your Elevar App, navigate to Pre-Built Tags

Search for Bing > Click into the Bing container

Add in your Account ID [How to find this?] > Select Download Container

Step 2: Import the Pre-Built Bing Tags into GTM Web

Log in to your Google Tag Manager Account > Select your GTM Web Container

Select Admin > Import Container

Select to import the file that you just downloaded in Step 1. Choose a New Workspace and title it Bing Tracking. Then choose Merge > Overwrite. Your import will look similar to the below:

Select Confirm to import the tags

Step 3: [Optional] QA the new tags with Google Tag Manager's Preview Mode

Follow our guide to QA your tags in Google Tag Manager (GTM) preview mode.

Step 4: Publish the Pre-Built Tags

In your Bing Tracking workspace, select Submit

Select Publish

Step 5: Remove Previous Bing Tracking

Remove any previous Bing tracking. This could be a hardcoded script in your Shopify theme or Checkout Settings, or a third party app.

Step 6: Create an Event-based Conversion Goal in Microsoft Ads

Even though we are now sending purchase events to Bing Ads, we still have to tell Microsoft about this.

In Microsoft Ads, go to Tools > Conversion Goals.

Click Create Conversion Goal.

For Conversion Goal, select Website.

For Conversion Goal Type, select Purchase > then Event.

In the Conversion Goal Details, title your goal Purchase or some variation > Set revenue = conversion action value may vary.


Note: The value under "revenue" can be either 0 or 1 depending on what you'd like to send when there's no revenue.

Under Install event tag Select Manual installation and click Next

Under Set Up Tagging, select Yes > Select Save & Next.

On the Install event tag page, under Custom event parameters add an Action of "purchase" and a Category of "checkout".

Under When do you want to track this event, select Track event on inline action.

Select Save & next

And that's it!