How to Send All Purchase Conversions to Google Ads


Starting with our release 3.14, we will be sending all conversions to Google Ads if we have a gclid, email address, or phone number. In order to have Google Ads process all these conversions you do need to make a change within Google Ads and some adjustments to your setup to accommodate this.


Before you can enable your Google Ads Server-Side Destination, you will need to:

  • Install the Shopify Source on your store. Follow your guide on How to Install the Shopify Source
  • You've previously installed Elevar's Google Ads server-side destination. If you haven't completed this step you'll want to follow our setup guide to get started.

Step 1: Enabled Enhanced Conversions for Leads in Google Ads

For optimal performance, enable the Enhanced Conversions for Leads and Accept Customer Data Terms within Google Ads prior to setting up this destination.

From the top navigation navigate to Tools and settings > Conversions

Choose Settings from the left navigation. Expand Enhanced conversions for leads, select the checkbox for _Turn on enhanced conversions for leads. If you have completed successfully it will look like below.
Note: It does not matter if you set this to "Google Tag" or "Google Tag Manager" for our server integration to work

Next, expand the Customer data terms and accept the terms. You may have done this previously. You'll know you've completed this successfully if it looks like below.

Note: If you aren’t able to view terms, it's because your account conversions are tracked by a manager account. The customer data terms must be accepted from the manager's account and any Google Ads manager account uploading on behalf of the manager account using cross-account tracking.

If these screenshots are not what you are seeing, please refer to Google's documentation as the interface may have changed.

Step 2: Remove Your View Through Conversion Tag(s)

With the ability to send all transactions paired with session enrichment there is no need to continue to have your separate view through conversion tags as they may result in duplication between the conversions actions.

Follows these steps to remove your existing view-through conversions tags from Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Login into your Google Tag Manager (GTM) web container

Navigate to your Tags and search for "view through"

Select the checkbox(s) next to your view through conversion tags, then click the trash icon to delete these tags

Submit our changes by clicking the Submit button

Publish your changes by clicking the Publish button

That's it. You are all set!