Client-Side Purchase Event is not working

Here's how to troubleshoot and fix why client-side (web) purchase tracking is not sending the data to the marketing channel


This issue is caused by the New Shopify Checkout Structure.

Are you using Google Tag Manager on your Shopify thank you page and seeing a drop in conversions beginning at the end of August/early September 2022?

Chances are your checkout has been upgraded to Shopify's new checkout.

If you are on an Elevar data layer version 2.34 or below then you'll need to upgrade to our latest version to ensure you don't miss any conversions.

Follow the steps below to fix it:

Are You On The New Shopify Checkout?

  1. Navigate to the checkout pages or place an order, you should see the new checkout URL "checkouts/c/"

Checkout Page:

Thank you page:

  1. If you are still on our version 2.34 and below dataLayer, this causes GTM not to fire the "dl_purchase" event. Hence, all purchase tags (e.g., GAds Conversion, TikTok, Facebook, etc.,) that are using the purchase trigger will not send the data.

You can confirm the dataLayer version below.

How To Verify Data Layer Version

If you are on our Shopify source you are on a data layer version of 3.9 or higher. No further checks needs for the data layer version. In the Elevar App navigate to My Tracking, if you see the Shopify source as shown here you are good.

If you haven't upgrade to the Shopify source you can find your data layer version in your theme files .

Shopify Live Theme > Actions > Edit Codes > elevar-head snippet:

Upgrade Data Layer

To fix this, all you need to do is update the Shopify source follow our guide.

Once done, you can QA the thank you page to see if the purchase tags are now firing as expected: How to QA Shopify Store with GTM Container In Preview Mode

That's it!