How To Manage Monitoring Alerts & Notifications

Learn what alerts are available to you and how to configure.

Elevar provides monitoring alerts specific to server-side conversion tracking and the accuracy of your integrations.

Channel Accuracy Alerts

These alerts can be sent:

  • Real time
  • Daily summary
  • Weekly summary

These alerts are triggered only if you are on a plan with Channel Accuracy enabled via our server-side integrations.

The alerts are triggered only if one of your destinations falls below your target threshold shown in your Channel Accuracy report:

You can adjust this % down (or up) from the default of 95%.


Learn more about how channel monitoring works here.

This % is used for all of your server-side channel destinations.

You can configure your alert frequency under Personal Settings > Notifications

And here is an example of a real-time alert (we send max of one email every 24 hours):