Onboarding Steps Guide

Here's a quick guide on how to complete the onboarding process...

Click the "Setup My Tracking" to Start the Onboarding Process

Step 1: Connect Shopify Store


How to Install the Elevar App in your Shopify Store

Step 2: Connect Google Accounts


Note: Just connect the "Default Workspace" when connecting the Google Tag Manager Container.

Step 3: Install Data Sources

Shopify Source:


Note: For a Step-by-Step guide, please follow this guide.

Non-Shopify Subdomains:

If you have any non-Shopify Subdomains (e.g. a wordpress blog, third party landing pages, or a headless website), you'll be guided to set up the Non-Shopify Subdomain Source.

Step 4: Add Marketing Destinations

Click the "Add Destination" to select marketing destinations



Step 5: Manage Store Options

Please feel free to answer all 4 questions if necessary to get the additional articles needed to guide you with the setup.

Step 6: Remove Previous Tracking

This is to remove previous/existing tracking that you have in Shopify admin or from other sources. Follow the guide to remove tracking for each new destination you have added. Once you've removed all previous tracking Marl as Complete.

Click "Mark as Complete" once done.

That's it!