Onboarding Steps Guide

Here's a quick guide on how to complete the onboarding process...

Click the "Setup My Tracking" to Start the Onboarding Process

Step 1: Connect Shopify Store


How to Install the Elevar App in your Shopify Store

Step 2: Connect Google Accounts


Note: Just connect the "Default Workspace" when connecting the Google Tag Manager Container.

Step 3: Install Data Sources

Shopify Source:


Note: For a Step-by-Step guide, please follow this guide.

Non-Shopify Subdomains:

If you have any non-Shopify Subdomains (e.g. a wordpress blog, third party landing pages, or a headless website), you'll be guided to set up the Non-Shopify Subdomain Source.

Step 4: Add Marketing Destinations

Click the "Add Destination" to select marketing destinations



Step 5: Manage Store Options

Please feel free to answer all 4 questions if necessary to get the additional articles needed to guide you with the setup.

Step 6: Remove Previous Tracking

This is to remove previous/existing tracking that you have in Shopify admin or from other sources (e.g., FB, GA, GA4, GTM Script, etc.,)

Click "Mark as Complete" once done.

That's it!