Google Ads Enhanced Conversion Known Errors

Here's How You Can Confirm the Known Google Ads Errors

Step 1: QA your GTM Setup and place a test order:

Step 2: Check the "dl_purchase" event > variables tab

look for the "user-provided data " variable > country

{ email: "[email protected]", phone_number: "(919) 492-1735", address: [ { first_name: "mario", last_name: "testing", street: "634 follie rd, ste 28", city: "charleston", region: "south carolina", country: "united states", postal_code: "29412" } ], _tag_mode: "MANUAL" }

Google is looking for the "country" value that should be a 2-letter country code (for example, 'UK') per the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard.

If it's not formatted following the ISO 3166- alpha2- standard, it will cause errors below:

  1. Missing User Data Fields
  2. User address data field is incorrectly formatted


  • Create a Javascript variable using this "Shopify.checkout.billing_address.country_code"

  • And use the newly created variable in the user-provided variable

Save it and publish the changes. Then please feel free to monitor it for a couple of days or a week.