Can I Run The Native Shopify Facebook Pixel with Elevar Facebook Pixel in Parallel?

In order to prevent duplication please follow these steps


Long story short - no, you can't run the Native Shopify/Facebook Pixel with the Elevar Facebook Pixel in parallel without having at least one of the pixels over-firing.

If you want to have two Facebook Pixels on your Shopify Store, you'll need to have them both set up in Google Tag Manager.

How To Configure Multiple Facebook Pixels in GTM

Step 1: Add additional pixel ID to sitewide init tag

In your web container go to your sitewide pixel event and copy the init line as shown below and update with your new pixel ID:

Step 2: Add additional pixel ID to purchase tag

Then go to your purchase pixel and copy the entire section that includes the user parameter data as shown below. Then input your 2nd pixel ID.

How to Prevent the Native Facebook Pixel From Over-Firing


Note: The solution below is only preventing the duplicate event issue on the FB pixel configured in GTM's end, not the FB native Shopify setup since we don't have control over how Shopify run the FB pixel on their platform. Hence, the one configured in the native Shopify settings won't have duplicate events, but the one configured in Google Tag Manager will still have duplicate events.

No changes are needed to your Shopify Facebook channel, the only changes are needed inside of Google Tag Manager.

In every Facebook Pixel event tag inside of GTM, you need to change track to trackSingle and add the '' as shown here:

Line 2:

Once done with each tag then publish your changes.

You can now validate that the events are only sent once per pixel in FB pixel helper:

Or inside the Network panel: