Introducing the New Shopify Source

We've unified our Data Layer, Data Listener, and Shopify Notifications sources into one!

We've unified our Data Layer, Data Layer Listener, and Shopify Notifications and merged them into a single "Shopify" source.

Not only does this simplify the user interface, but upgrading to the new source also comes with automatic version updates! 💪

You'll always be on the latest and greatest version ensuring you are getting all of our new features as we roll them out!

This new source sets you up for future success. Our Shopify source is compatible the Shopify Pixel API, Checkout Extensibility, and Theme App Extensions.

If you are an existing customer going through the upgrade process in the Elevar app, we will remove our previous snippets and render statements from your theme and convert you to using our new code through Theme App Extensions. This makes enabling Elevar on your theme a simple toggle within your theme!

As a part of the upgrade process, we'll handle updating your checkout tracking to action-based checkout funnel events, which is fully compatible with checkout extensibility and the Shopify one-page checkout!

Ready to upgrade? Follow our upgrade guide to get started!

We recommend upgrading to the Shopify source prior to December 2023, however if you aren't able to fit that into your schedule we've got you covered and will make the current snippets you have on your stores available for download and manual installation. Follow this guide, How to use downloaded legacy snippet if needed.