How Can I Send Kameleoon Experiment Data To GA4

Extract Kameleoon Experiment Data Into GA4 For Segmentation and Analysis

Kameleoon is a popular A/B testing platform. Kameleoon pushes events and experiment data into the data layer. Elevar's Google Tag Manager Kameleoon web container tags pick this data up, organize it, and send it to GA4 for further analysis/segmentation. Please note that for this tag to work you'll need to have Kameleoon installed on your site, and set to push event data to the data layer, you'll also need to setup a custom bridge in Kameleoon to match the variables in our tag. Typically it's best to get in touch with your account rep to do this, but you can find instructions here the variable names and events we use are listed at the bottom of this page. Please note that Kameleoon does offer direct connections to Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics. Using custom tags will provide you with more control over the data sent to these platforms, but will make setup slightly more complicated.

Installing The Kameleoon Tags In Google Tag Manager

  1. Go to the Elevar app, click on Pre-Built Tags, search for Kameleoon and click on the Kameleoon tag.

  1. Download the Kameleoon tags to your computer.

  1. Follow our guide, starting at step 3, on how to import pre built tags into your Google Tag Manager container found here.

That's it!

What To Expect In Google Analytics 4

Our Kameleoon tags send an event called kameleoon_experiment to your Google Analytics 4 property. This event comes populated with 4 event parameters:

  1. kameleoonExperimentID

  2. kameleoonExperimentName

  3. kameleoonVariationID

  4. kameleoonVariationName

These parameters can be used to segment and study your data based on the test assignments that Kameleoon makes. We recommend using this data to create custom reports, under the explore tab in Google Analytics 4, to segment the behaviour of users in different experiments.