Elevar Server-Side Source & Destination Configuration

Learn how to configure your Elevar server-side source & destinations.

Once you've installed our Shopify source, you're ready to proceed with configurating destinations. If you haven't installed our Shopify source yet, follow this guides: How to Implement the Shopify Source on Your Shopify Store

Follow along in this complete video installation walk-through or read more about each step below.


Sources provide the data that your server-side destinations (i.e. channels like Facebook Conversion API) require.

Sources appear in your My Tracking section of your Elevar App.

Shopify Source

Our Shopify source combines data from a data layer installed on your site, a data listener that captures events occurring on your website and passes them to the server, and Shopify notifications which captures events occurring in Shopify and passes to the Elevar server.

Learn more about the Shopify Source.

Non Shopify Sub-Domain Source

If you have non-Shopify subdomain pages you'll need to set up this source if you want to capture attribution data for your shoppers' entire journey.

Examples of Non-Shopify pages are WordPress bogs, third-party landing pages, or a headless website.

Setting up this source passes your attribution data into the Shopify portion of your site where the data is then captured via the Shopify source to pass this data along to the server.

Follow this guide if you need to install the Non Shopify sub-domain source.

Session Enrichment

Elevar recognizes returning users & enriches your data with the maximum amount of user identifiers. Learn more here.


Server-Side Destinations are where you want to send your data. These are typically synonymous with your marketing pixel integrations you're used to like Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, TikTok, etc. View our supports server-side destinations

Each destination gives you full control over the most detailed aspects between your store and the destination.

Here's an example of Facebook CAPI options:

You have the ability to customize your parameter data, how to handle subscriptions, what channels to send (or block) and more.

Channel Accuracy Monitoring

One problem we've been trying to solve for many years is this: how to ensure our customers know when their tracking might be broken within minutes vs waiting for potentially several days/weeks after which point could have costed thousands of dollars.

Our Channel Accuracy monitoring can now do this for you.

Once you've configured your Server-Side destinations, we will begin monitoring:

  • The success % of conversions received by each destination (i.e. were there any errors when sending the event data to the destination?)
  • The % of conversions sent to each destination compared to your source of truth - Shopify orders

By default we set this target % to 95%. If you fall below 95% for any destination then it will trigger an error alert like this:

Learn more about this monitoring feature here