How to Set Up Audiohook Tracking

Learn how to set up your tracking with Elevar


Before you can enable your Facebook Destination, you will need to install the Shopify Source on your store.

Step 1: Add Audiohook as a Destination

  1. In your Elevar App, navigate to My Tracking > Select Add Destination > Find and select Audiohook.

  2. You'll be taken to an Overview Page, select Get Started

Step 2: Select your Events

By default, we've already selected the standard recommended events for you! Most likely, you won't need to adjust anything and can just select Save to continue to the next step.

If you do want to customize your events, you can choose what events you'd like to send to Audiohook & how you'd like to send them (e.g. via server-side or via the web browser). Currently, Audiohook is only able to accept events via web tracking, as a result, you'll receive this warning.

Click Keep Web Events Only to proceed.

Step 3: If applicable, Enable Consent Mode

If consent is required, follow these steps to enable consent mode & select your consent categories.

If consent is not required, select Save & Continue.

Step 4: Update your settings

Add in your Audiohook Pixel ID

Select Save & Continue

Step 5: Go Live

Select Go Live on the Overview Page to launch your new Audihook tracking!


Be sure to remove any previous Audiohook tracking to avoid duplication!