How To Fix Orders Missing Revenue, Order ID, or Line Item Data

Starting November 2020 some orders sporadically miss order data on the thank you page.

If you have one of these symptoms:

  1. Sudden and consistent (over several days) drop in transactions in GA

  2. Different transaction IDs in GA

  3. Warnings in Facebook for Purchases Missing Order Value Data:

Then you could have this issue on your store:

Basically what is happening is the users are reaching the thank you page where tags fire but there is no order data yet to populate your tags.

Shopify Response

During the month of January we worked with the Shopify team to troubleshoot this issue. We learned the following:

The delayed order creation method was actually introduced early last year in order to improve checkout resilience and performance for sellers doing scales of several thousand orders per minute. Changes made were improvements to our checkout with the purpose of improving performance, stability and the customer experience for Plus stores and in particular flash sellers. This change was an intentional design built in to handle volumes past what many other checkout providers cannot.

That said, we do understand that this format causes null for Order ID and some other values on the thank you page, and we have an alternate recommendation for the data layer leveraging which provides greater funnel visibility.

This change appeared for most in mid November, 2020.

Data Layer Update


This modification only works for our version 2.0 data layer.

We've modified our purchase data layer variables to use:

  • checkout.order_id
  • checkout.currency
  • checkout.line_items

This update happens automatically in your theme snippets once you click Reinstall from your Elevar dashboard.