v2.39 September 2nd, 2022

  • Audiohook Web Pixel API Integration is in Alpha.
  • Pandecetes Consent Mode Integration - Available on all plans. [How to set this up]
  • Snapchat Conversion API - You can now customize the Transaction Identifier you'd like to send to Snapchat via your server-side tracking. [Available on Elevar's Fully Managed Server or your own GTM Server]
  • Removed the need to connect a UA account to your Elevar account.

v2.38 August 15th, 2022

This release has server-side updates to have the ability to send all events server-side for Universal Analytics, and adding Snapchat Conversion API. UI updates to unify web and server-side tracking into a single destination when available. New plan options and done-for-you services.

v2.37 June 15th, 2022

Snapchat is now available for server-side beta! Updates to improve Facebook CAPI match score, the ability to send additional dimensions for Google Analytics. Adding consent mode functionality for your server-side integrations. Conversion value options now available for server-side destinations.

v2.36 May 31st, 2022

New reports added: Attribution Feed & Real-Time Activity! Introducing Consent Mode integration with CookieBoth and OneTrust! Data layer updates to improve attribution.

v2.35 April 28, 2022

The Elevar Chrome Extension now supports GA4 event tags!

v2.34 April 13th, 2022

New features for Channel Accuracy and performance improvements for large collection pages.

v2.33 March 25th, 2022

This update makes Criteo and Voluum available for server-side tracking and associated data layer updates. Channel Accuracy reporting updates to log ignored/blocked orders.

v2.32 March 3rd, 2022

New availability for Voluum, ShareASale, Impact Radius, and TikTok integrations.

v2.31 February 14th, 2022 ❤️

This release includes a host of improvements including refunds fix for Google Analytics and taking TikTok server-side out of beta! Data layer updates to improve performance by removing support for IE11, and attribution storage when new UTM values are received. Pre-built tag updates for TikTok.

v2.30 January 24th, 2022

Impact Radius server-side tracking is now live for Fully Managed customers. TikTok server-side integration is also released for beta customers.