v3.6 July 20th, 2023

This release includes the ability to delete shopper data from Session Enrichment, Outbrain as a public beta, Attentive & Partnerize as new hidden developer betas, and filtering out bot traffic from server-side hits.


  • Session Enrichment: Submit Shopper Data Deletion Requests [How do I do that?]
  • Attribution Feed: Only includes online store orders by default.
    • This will allow for quicker attribution breakdown as many offline orders won’t have UTMs associated with them.
    • To see all Shopify orders, remove the “web” filter.
  • Tooltip for Cost Savings Value on Dashboard


  • All Destinations Enhancements:
    • Exclude bot traffic from server-side tracking
    • Pixel ID validation
    • If blocking orders when using a unified checkout, will also block orders tagged with “Subscription Recurring Order” or from the sales channel “Recharge”. Why? Many merchants who are now using a unified checkout were previously using separate checkouts. Thus they have old recurring subscriptions still being created via the old separate checkout method.
  • Pinterest - is out of beta!
  • Outbrain - is now available in your Elevar app. How to set up? [Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only]
  • Partnerize - is now in beta! Please email [email protected] with your Partnerize Campaign ID if you'd like to be a beta tester. [Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only]
  • Attentive - is now in beta! Please email [email protected] if you'd like to be a beta tester. [Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only]
  • Facebook - Value, content_name, & Content_category parameters included in CAPI AddToCart & ViewContent events
  • Google Ads bug fix - ViewItem event sends populated conversion value.
  • ShareASale - Send coupon code value with purchase event.

Data Layer:

  • Round up price values to the nearest cent. E.g. 15.96666 becomes 15.97
  • Price values will use two decimal points. E.g. 2.0 becomes 2.00
  • Enhancement to make the dl_select_item fire more often when using infinite load collection pages
  • Storing awc url parameter for AWIN server-side and tabcid url parameter for Taboola server-side.