3.12 Dec 19th, 2023

This release includes the launch of Awin, Rakuten, and Pub/Sub as new server-side destinations.


  • Changes to Upgrading to our new Shopify Source: [Upgrade Guide]
    • As Shopify is deprecating their Theme API, we can no longer search & remove your legacy Elevar snippets when upgrading to App Theme Embed. Instead, you'll be guided through a new step in your app that instructs you how to find & delete these snippets yourself.
  • When in the guided onboarding state, you can now navigate backwards to the Add Source/Destination step. This allows you to grab the Order Status Page script in case it was missed.


  • Rakuten - Available as a Public Beta! [Set Up Today]
  • Awin - Available as a Public Beta! [Set Up Today]
  • Pub/Sub - Available as a Public Beta! [Set Up Today]
  • TikTok: Updated to Events API 2.0
  • Making "View Anonymized data in GA4 if the user opts out of consent" compatible with Google Consent Mode v2.
    • In 3.11 we released this functionality but an Elevar employee had to enable this for you. This "on/off" functionality was compatible with Google Consent Mode v1.
    • Now this functionality has been updated to be compatible with Google Consent Mode v2.
    • To enable this functionality, you must have Consent Mode set to "Yes" in your Shopify Source + have the Consent Mode step in your GA4 destination set to "No". With this setup, if a user opts out of consent for Ad_storage and/or Analytics_storage, data will still be sent to GA4 but with Google's GCS parameter.
  • Email/SMS destinations: Add to Cart URL fallback
    • In the case that the "url" parameter is not available in your dl_add_to_cart event (e.g. you're headless & haven't added the new "url" value to your add to cart datalayer events yet), then we will send the page url instead.
  • GA4: Enhancements to prevent (not set) data in the case where a GA4 cookie was deleted.
  • ShareASale -
    • Product Identifier step is available in your app for configuration.
    • The best practice for Product Identifier has been updated from Product ID to Product SKU (which mirrors the native ShareASale/Shopify integration). No existing destinations have been updated. If you've set up ShareASale prior to this release, your destination was sending Product ID (unless you've asked out support team to change it) & will continue sending Product ID unless you change it.