3.10 Nov 9th, 2023

This release includes the ability to customize consent fallback logic for server-side & session enrichment tracking in case a consent banner does not provide consent values. It also includes an update where the server purchase event includes the best possible data available both client-side and server-side. Plus the release of a Postscript Private Beta integration (limited seats available).


  • Consent Mode Fallbacks - If your consent banner does not pass back a consent value to Elevar (e.g. because of an ad blocker), you can choose what consent values to view as granted. By default, the consent mode fallback is set to view all consent categories as denied if no values are shared by the consent banner. This affects your server-side event tracking and Session Enrichment tracking. This does not affect client-side tracking. [How to configure]
  • Channel Accuracy
    • If there are any Failures or Ignored Orders in your Conversion Accuracy individual destination breakdown chart, the columns become clickable links that take you to a filtered view in the Server Events Log so you can view any error or explanation messages associated with them.
    • Fix for loading Channel Accuracy when no Shopify Orders have been placed since a destination went live.
    • Added Destination Limitation Callouts in Channel Accuracy for Google Ads, ShareASale, and Voluum that a click ID is required otherwise the order will be ignored.

Shopify Source:

  • Wrapped Order Status Page script with lines to denote when Elevar's script begins and ends.
  • Added event_state parameter to track first ever visits.
  • Added Product Page URLs to the dl_add_to_cart event


  • Klaviyo - Out of Beta! [Set up today]
  • Combining the Best Purchase Data - Elevar now takes in all the data available client-side and server-side for a purchase event, and sends out the best possible data to all destinations. This means:
    • If the Screen Resolution, Page URL, and Language is not available server-side to send, then this will be pulled from client-side data and sent with the server-side purchase event.
    • Values like the Category, Item List, and Page Title which have never been available to send server-side with Shopify's webhooks will now be pulled from the client-side data and sent with the server-side purchase event.
    • If attribution data is not available in either Shopify's hard coded order notes or in Elevar's Offsite Order Notes, then this will be pulled from the Marketing DataLayer Object on the Shopify Thank You Page and sent with the server-side purchase event.
    • If a SKU value has been customized in the dl_purchase event, this will override the SKU value available in Shopify's webhook and the customized SKU will be sent with the server-side purchase event.
    • This does not affect checkout funnel events sent server-side via our Action-Based Tracking (a.k.a. Shopify's webhooks).
  • TikTok - You can now customize the Content Type value sent server-side or client-side in your Elevar app. Once customized, please reimport your GTM Web Tags for the changes to apply client-side. [How to customize]
  • Updates to discount and item price logic for our Rakuten/AWIN/CJ private beta integrations.
  • Postscript Destination is now in beta! Please let us know here if you'd like to be a beta tester. [Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only]