v3.7 Aug 1st, 2023

This release includes Elevar's Checkout Extensibility Integration, checkout funnel events for non-plus stores, and the ability to send offline orders (like recurring orders) to GA4 with source/medium overrides


  • Sunset support for using a Google Tag Manager Server Container. Any existing tracking configured will continue to fire, but to use the latest datalayer version or the latest destinations, upgrade to Elevar’s Server.
  • Google Ads Destination - Now visible in Add Destination Dropdown list [How to Set Up]
  • Attribution Feed - See last touch organic attribution for deeper data analysis. [Learn More]


  • Elevar now supports Checkout Extensibility!
    • Mitigate data loss when switching to Checkout Extensibility by using Elevar’s new server-side checkout funnel event tracking.
    • Checkout Extensibility removes Plus merchants ability to add tracking scripts using the checkout.liquid. With Elevar’s new server-side checkout funnel event tracking, you don’t need to add scripts to your checkout funnel pages!
    • This uses webhooks to send data server-side when a shopper creates a new checkout, adds shipping info to the checkout or adds payment info to the checkout.
    • And for Non-Plus merchants, this feature now allows you to track checkout events server-side! [How to set up]
    • Must be using Shopify-hosted Checkouts only. Not compatible with sending recurring orders with original attribution to GA. For server-side tracking only, does not work client-side tracking.
  • GA4 - Orders with Source/Medium Overrides will show the source/medium/campaign values you’ve set up in Elevar for the First User Source/Medium and Session Source/Medium values. This allows subscription recurring orders to be sent to GA4 with the ability to distinguish them in your First User and Traffic Acquisition Reports.
  • ShareASale - Pass the Coupon Code Name if an order has a product-level or order-level discount added.
  • TikTok - Send Value parameter with the ViewContent and AddtoCart events.
  • Klaviyo - Send CartContents parameter with AddtoCart events.
  • Phone Number Formats
    • If a phone number is submitted by a customer in a non-E164 format, all server-side hits will reformat the values into the E164 format if possible before sending.
    • This is not possible to do client-side without loading a library on the website, which will affect site speed.