v3.1 March 2nd, 2023

Introducing fully managed server for headless websites and non-Shopify attribution tracking script for third-party landing pages/blogs! Updates for server-side TikTok, Impact Radius, and Universal Analytics. App UI changes for an improved experience. Event ID Fix to prevent undefined values.


  • Headless websites can now use Elevar's Fully Managed Server. [Still requires the creation of a headless data layer] Learn more.
  • Non-Shopify Attribution Tracking Script - Know your shoppers' entire journey by capturing attribution data from non-Shopify subdomains & sending it via your server-side integrations. For instance, a WordPress blog, third-party landing pages, or a headless website. [Must be using Elevar's Fully Managed Server. Must be on the 3.1+ Data Layer version] Learn how to set up.
  • TikTok - Deprecated the empty view content event that was sent server-side as a pageview event. Updated the client-side tags to send the pageview event in the sitewide pixel script (TikTok recommended best practice). Follow these steps to update your setup.
  • Impact Radius - Sends coupon code information when the discount was added manually in the Shopify Admin.
  • Universal Analytics -
    • Send "Web" value as the Data Source parameter. [Example screenshot]
    • Simplified Checkout Funnel URL based on Checkout Step:
      • /checkout/contact_information
      • /checkout/shipping
      • /checkout/payment
      • /checkout/thank_you


  • Ability to delete a destination. Learn more.
  • Send refund data to Universal Analytics when also using Consent Mode.
  • Conversion Accuracy & Real-Time reports automatically show live destinations. [If you need to see historical data for disabled destinations, view this in the Server Events Log]
  • All source/destination tiles in My Tracking are clickable
  • Changed Event titled "Sign Up" to say "Account Sign Up". Changed event titled "Subscribe" to say "Email Sign Up".
  • Elevar account/website name information will appear on Invoice. [Doesn't apply to Shopify Billing. Will not occur on first ever invoice. Will not occur if multiple accounts have same subscription]
  • If your team member started to update the Elevar Data Layer, you can see their unfinished steps & finish it for them.
  • Product Position value in the dl_view_cart event will index starting at 1 instead of 0.
  • Migrated "Book an Onboarding Call" links to "Submit a Support Ticket".
  • When migrating from web destinations or GTM server-side destinations to Elevar's Server Destinations, your previous setting configuration options will auto populate. (e.g. previous pixel IDs)
  • Updated image filters in DataLayer to use the new image_url filter.

Bug fix:

  • Added a hotfix for datalayer versions 3.1.4 & 3.1.5, to prevent deduplication event IDs from returning "undefined".