3.16 Apr 30th, 2024

Migrate to our Custom Pixel script and get your Elevar tracking fully compatible with Shopify's Checkout + Thank You Extensibility with this release. In addition, this release includes support for Meta's Channel Lift Study, the ability to send custom NewCustomerPurchase events server-side, as well as Pepperjam + Commission Junction (CJ) available as a public betas.


  • Custom Pixel:
    • Elevar's Custom Pixel Script (which loads checkout tracking via Shopify's new Customer Events tool that Shopify is migrating customers to as they are sunsetting their checkout.liquid and Order Status Page Script) is out of beta!
    • All new customers will be automatically guided to use this script for checkout + purchase tracking.
    • Existing customers who are not on this tracking method can walk through our guided in-app upgrade flow to migrate their tracking.
    • This allows your Elevar tracking to be compatible with Checkout + Thank You Extensibility.
    • Note - The following two limitations still apply when using the Custom Pixel:
      • The client-side new vs returning user data only populates if a shopper is logged in. Upgrade your app (instructions) to prevent this limitation from affecting your server-side tracking. Any Google Tag Manager tags that fire based on if a shopper is a new vs returning will still be affected by this limitation.
      • It is not possible to trigger tags based on one time vs subscription products on a unified checkout as these steps outline.
  • Enhancement to capture more "Remove From Cart" events when the shopper completes the action in a mini cart
  • Added window.ElevarForwardFn as a function to the Data Layer. This allows the passing of DataLayer events to softwares like Pipedream for advanced troubleshooting.


  • Pepperjam available as a public beta [How to set up]
  • Commission Junction (CJ) available as a public beta [How to set up]
  • Yotpo available as a private beta. Please let us know here if you'd like to be a beta tester. [Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only]
  • Ometria available as a private beta. Please let us know here if you'd like to be a beta tester. [Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only]
  • Ability to only allow specific transactions:
    • The "Block Transaction" step is now titled "Filter Transactions".
    • You can choose to either block specific orders from being sent or you can choose to allow only specific orders to be sent.
    • When choosing to only allow specific orders, this uses "OR" logic only. For example, if you choose to only allow orders where sales channel = web or where order tag = subscription, then if an order is tagged with subscription but the sales channel is not web, the order will be sent.
    • Use Cases:
      • Future proof your setup by only allowing sales channel = web orders. This way, if you add a new sales channel in the future, you don't have to update Elevar to continue only sending online store orders.
      • As Meta doesn't allow you to do certain optimization & remarketing off of custom events, you can choose to only send first subscription orders as the Purchase event so you can implement advanced ad strategies in Meta that target new subscription purchases (and grow recurring revenue).
  • Bing: You can now pass Page View, View Item, Begin Checkout, and Add Payment Info events to Bing server-side.
  • New vs Returning Customer Purchase Events: Send a custom event server-side only when a purchase occurs for a shopper who's never make a purchase at your store before (e.g. New Customer Purchase). Send a custom event server-side only when a purchase occurs for a shopper who has made a previous purchase before (e.g. Returning Customer Purchase).
    • Available in the following destinations: Facebook/Meta, Google Ads, TikTok, Outbrain, Voluum, Taboola, & Bing.
    • New Customer Purchase Event Use Cases: Measure the ROI of your campaigns in Facebook based upon new customer purchases only. Or remarket to brand new customers to ensure they return for a second purchase.
    • Returning Customer Purchase Event Use Case: Reward your loyal customer base with special promotions and communication.
  • Facebook:
    • Support for Channel Lift Study
      • Facebook's Channel Lift Study is a way that Facebook helps you measure the incremental halo effect that Meta has on advertiser's other paid & organic channels.
      • Simply enable the "Channel Lift Study" event in Elevar to start passing the data that Meta requires. Then, Meta will have what they need to complete this study for you on their end.
    • Enhancements to the formatting of user data parameters sent server-side to Facebook so that the data sent server-side mirrors the data sent client-side.
  • Klaviyo: You can now configure the Filter Transactions + Subscriptions step to block specific purchase events from being sent to this destination.
  • GA4: New best practice to send checkout funnel events client-side
    • Why? We're changing this recommended best practice in preparation for an upcoming feature titled Checkout Grouping (which will work very similar to the existing feature Purchase Grouping which allows you to combine data from multiple sources so that you can send the maximum data possible to your destinations). With Checkout Grouping, we won't be able to guarantee the order of events. As we can't send a timestamp to GA4 (like we can with other destinations), GA4 will order the checkout events based upon when they received them. For this reason, we recommend running this events client-side to ensure ordering is correct for your analysis. If ordering isn't a priority, you still have the option to send these events server-side.
  • TikTok: Removed API Version as this is managed in the backend of the app.