v2.36 May 31st, 2022

New reports added: Attribution Feed & Real-Time Activity! Introducing Consent Mode integration with CookieBoth and OneTrust! Data layer updates to improve attribution.

New Reports

  • Attribution Feed- See your raw, unbiased attribution data collected on each purchase event [Available to all customers on latest server-side integrations]
  • Real-Time Activity- Track your purchases in real-time - Know what ads are (or aren’t) driving purchases, and what data is collected and sent to each of your destinations [Available for customers using Elevar's Fully Managed Server only]

Consent Mode

  • Elevar DataLayer & pre-built tags now integrate with CookieBot or OneTrust. [Learn more here]

Data Layer Changes

  • Enhancements to the Order Notes Data Layer to capture and send the referrer.
  • Added a fix to ensure that if a new UTM parameter is detected from any inbound link, then all UTMs and click ids (fbclick, gclid), are reset.