v3.4 May 24th, 2023

This release includes Klaviyo server-side destination, an additional Data Layer event (dl_subscribe), and visibility changes for session enrichment and channel accuracy.

Klaviyo Server-Side Destination

Klaviyo: This destination is now available in your Elevar app. How to set up? [Elevar's Fully Managed Server Only]

DataLayer Updates

  • Email Sign Up Data Layer Event: A dl_subscribe data layer event has been added to fire when a user signs up for email and/or SMS. Works for native Shopify footer email signups, Klaviyo pop-ups, Postscript pop-ups, and Attentive pop-ups. Learn More!
    • Don't see your email software listed? We'd love to integrate with them - but need their buy-in (which you can influence!). Ask your email signup software provider to connect with Elevar's Product team by emailing [email protected] to learn about Elevar's integration requirements.


  • Session Enrichment Source visible in app.
  • Channel Accuracy chart hidden if web only events selected or if "from online store" selected.