v2.31 February 14th, 2022 ❤️

This release includes a host of improvements including refunds fix for Google Analytics and taking TikTok server-side out of beta! Data layer updates to improve performance by removing support for IE11, and attribution storage when new UTM values are received. Pre-built tag updates for TikTok.


  • Refunds fixed for Google Analytics server-side destinations (must use order.id)
  • TikTok server-side out of developer beta

Data Layer Changes

  • Removed support for IE11 following Shopify support requirements. Reduced package size by over 60%.
    • Browser support includes:
      • Chrome, Android, and Edge version 96 and greater
      • Firefox version 95 and greater
      • Safari version 14.1 and greater
      • IOS version 14.4 and greater
      • Samsung version 15.0 and greater
  • Updates to how marketing parameters are stored in data layer object. If a new UTM parameter is detected from any inbound link, then all UTMs and click ids (fbclick, gclid), are reset. If no updated value from the new session exists then the value will be null.

Pre-Built Tags & Destinations